This is to inform you that during the recent unprecedented heavy rains in the Mara, Ilkeliani Camp was seriously damaged. The river overflowed its banks twice and most of the tents were swept away in the floods. The second flooding is when much of the camp was destroyed.

Despite the rains and logistical challenges , the upgrades have commenced .We have designed new guest tents at a safe distance from the river, raised from the banks on wooden decks, which will have better views of the river and the plains beyond. We are also redesigning and rebuilding the driver guide tents, giving more comfort and accessibility to our visiting guides. We have completely remodelled the public areas, which will be spacious and open plan, with split level floors and a high roof. This will give more shaded areas, additional secluded spaces and more attractive views, maximising the breeze and keeping the whole area cool and pleasant. We believe this extensive restructure of the camp will vastly enhance the guest experience.

The new camp will be modern in design, and have state of the art facilities, yet will mesh perfectly with the environment that surrounds it. The colours, fabrics and materials we use will be local and natural, in keeping with the sweeping savannahs of the Mara. According to our eco principals, we will retain the solar lights, sustainable hot water system and eco-friendly and interactive kitchen of the original Ilkeliani Camp.

We hope that both tour operators and clients will be satisfied with all the safety aspects of the camp, and enthusiastic about the new designs. We will also mitigate all covid –19 safety protocols before commencement of the camp We are planning to reopen phase 1 on 1st August, and we look forward to welcoming returning and new guests from that date.